Confronting Generational Tensions to Build Our Badass Jewish Feminist Future

I am a feminist.  That means I try to promote women and access by women to great jobs, great education, and full liberty and equality in my faith and in civil society.  It doesn’t mean – I hate men.  I love men! I care about men. I want them to care about me too.  Feminism is a lens with which to view the world and throw off the oppressive stereotypes that still abound about the female gender.  This is a terrific article from Lillth Magazine and Erica Brody that I am glad to be quoted in.



Confronting Generational Tensions to Build Our Badass Jewish Feminist Future.

Jewish community reacts to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage | Nation | Jewish Journal



See mu we my comments on our big win at the Supreme Court  Amazing Love does win  and Justice too!


Jewish community reacts to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage | Nation | Jewish Journal.

My Prayer today and Everyday

I just came from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Interfaith Prayer Breakfast at the official LA Mayor’s residence, Getty House.  It is a beautiful grand home with a beautiful back yard and rose bushes and flowers and native Southern California planting.  But the colorful garb of the attendees today really made the back yard burst with beautiful hues.  Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Jews of all stripes, Episcopalians, Catholics, Presbyterians, Humanists, Religious Science, Kabbalists, Wiccans, Quakers, Buddhists of many different streams, African-Methodists, Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, United Church of Christ, Mormons, Adventists, Scientologists, Asian church leaders, Assembly of God ministers, Armenian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Maronite Christian, Evangelicals, Native American religion all were together this morning.  All dressed in a variety of robes, and mantels, collars, and kippot.

Los Angeles is truly a remarkable city.  This is the most diverse city in the world with more of the world’s religions and faith traditions represented here than anywhere.  In the over 35 years I have lived in Los Angeles, I have met so many different kind of people; some from every nation and heritage.  Representatives of many different faith groups were together today and prayed together today not only for our Mayor and his family, but our City of Angels, our State, our Nation and the world.

We all had a moment to rise and offer a prayer that began with ” I pray that…. ”

We were inspired by a message of hope and prayer from a African-American Christian pastor, a groundbreaking young Muslim woman leader, and a rabbi.  They each spoke from different traditions but their common message was about the dignity of humanity and how we must see the divine in each human being.  That was Mayor Garcetti’s prayer as well.

If we can spend an hour and a half here in Los Angeles, praying together and linking our hands with our common bonds, imagine what could be done if we exported that same spirit around the world.  That is my prayer for today and everyday.