Last night

Last night, November 8, I shared these words on my Facebook page.

Friends and family if Mr Trump prevails and it is looking that way as I write this , there will be no time to sit and whine, mourn or cry. We will dust off and march forward as there is a country that needs kindness, people who are broken and hurting on both sides of the divide, people who will need protection and help if the Trump rhetoric is actualized. We will have to protect our planet and stand up to misogyny and racism and xenophobia that infects America. But most of all we will need to summon the well spring of love for all people because it is love that will conquer fear and doubt and despair. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love your God with all your all your heart and soul and being! Love more deeply. Even when it is hard to.

A word to those who put so much effort into this election. If your candidate or proposition lost remember there is always another election. That is the great thing about our democracy. That old adage is true- if first you don’t succeed try try again. But also this: as a person of faith though I am interested in politics I know that I don’t put my faith in politics or politicians. To do so is idol worship. Rather my faith is built on the timeless and eternal values of my spiritual tradition (in my case Judaism ) and my faith in what I call the Divine. Politics is a tool not the end all and be all. So if you are hurting and sad and don’t know what to do. Focus on what matters – justice, love, and humility. Or as the prophet Micah taught: What does God require of you? Only to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. Who wants to go for a walk? #pickingmyselfupandwalkingforward

Help Israel Be More Just

Help Israel become a more Just Society.  Join the campaign to write 1000’s of letters to Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Reuven Rivlin, Diaspora Minister Naftali Bennett to follow Israel’s Supreme Court Ruling to follow through on the plans to enhance the Southern Kotel (Western Wall) Plaza as a place for egalitarian prayer.  The Ultra-Orthodox threatening to topple the government have blocked the agreed to compromise from happenng.  You can make the difference. Click on the link below to have a letter delivered to these Israeli leaders on your behalf.  Reform and Conservative Judaism along with the Jewish Federations of North America are working together on this project to ensure that there is One wall for One Jewish People and that all are included!


We can’t let Jews get arrested for wanting to pray at the Kotel!

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My time as an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California was an important part of my life.  I was only there for two years–my junior and senior year of college but it left an indelible imprint on my life.

Here is an article published today on the USC Dornsife Website (Liberal Arts) featuring my story and highlighting my years at USC.  #FightOn

A prayer for Orlando

Dear Readers

For those of you not connected with me on Facebook-here is the video of the prayer I gave at the Los Angeles Candle light Vigil after the Orlando mass shooting.  We must mourn the deaths of these innocent people and pray for the healing and recovery of those injured.  But injuries take many forms–not just physical injuries by emotional, spiritual, and psychological and we pray for healing of those injuries as well.  Our condolences and sympathies are extended to the lovers, families and friends of those murdered.  There is time for every experience under heaven says the book of Ecclesiastes.  This is a time for mourning. There will be ample time for anger and action. But now we mourn.