Judaism and Social Networking

Read this cover story in the Jewish Journal about the influence of Social Networking and media.  I am quoted in the article. But more importantly it raises some really good questions and concerns about Jewish values in this new reality.  How does Shabbat work?  Can there be an electronic sabbatical?  Does open wi-fi relate to gleaning the corners of the field?

How do we apply Jewish values to this medium?  Interestingly one of the religious boards that I am on was having this very question about posting on Jewish holy days and Shabbatot.  It was a liberal Jewish group but the discussion was whether or not it was appropriate to post to the list serve.

Why don’t you all respond with your thoughts?

Should there be an internet Shabbat?  What about coveting?  What about Jewish groups sending out materials pre-scheduled but automatically go out on Shabbat or holidays?  (Like this blog post-which is being posted on Simchat Torah but was written and scheduled during Chol HaMoed Sukkot!)

What do you think?